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– 60 day notice period
– Competitive variable
   interest rate

– No fees
– Add to your balance

How it works

Our new 60-day NoticeSaver account is designed to give you a competitive, variable interest rate. You can open an account with as little as $1 and add to your balance at any time. All you need to do is provide us with 60 days notice prior to each withdrawal.

To give notice, simply log in and set up a transfer for the amount you'd like to withdraw. Your transfer will automatically happen on the next business day after the 60 day notice period has passed. The best part is you'll still be earning the NoticeSaver interest rate right up until your money is withdrawn.

Why Choose RaboDirect?

We specialise in savings and investments

  • We are NZ’s specialists in savings accounts, term deposits, cash PIEs and managed funds
  • We’re online only and you don’t have to switch banks

Friendly, Wellington-based service

  • Wellington-based team of highly trained staff
  • Award winning service
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We provide funding for rural New Zealand

  • 100% of your deposits are being used to fund the New Zealand food and agribusiness sector

NoticeSaver FAQ's

What is NoticeSaver – how does it work?

NoticeSaver is a variable interest rate savings account that requires you to give notice before withdrawing your money. This makes it a great option if you are saving towards a goal but sometimes struggle with financial self-control. If you can’t access it, you can’t spend it.

The amount of notice required prior to each withdrawal is 60 days. This isn’t an investment period, it’s just the amount of notice you need to give before making a withdrawal. You’ll get the benefit of higher variable interest rates but, unlike a term deposit, you can top up the balance whenever you like.

What are the benefits of NoticeSaver?

If you’ve ever dipped into your savings for an impulse purchase, only to kick yourself after for giving into temptation, then you’ll like NoticeSaver. Think of it like putting a timer switch on your money but, unlike a term deposit, you can top up the balance as you go. Plus you get a great variable rate of interest to keep your savings working hard for you.

It’s a great product if you are saving for a specific purpose (e.g. travel or a new car) and you don’t need access to the money right away.

Who can open a NoticeSaver account?

NoticeSaver is available to all RaboDirect customers. This includes personal customers, businesses and trusts. See the RaboDirect Terms and Conditions for more information.

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